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Konvolut von Katalogen der Auktionen aus den Jahren 1994-2014, beinhaltend die Nrn.: 2 (Late Roman and Byzantine Coins - The William J. Conte Collection), 5 (Byzantine Coins from the P. J. Donals Collection), 8 (The Ralph C. Gordon Collection of Coins of the West Indies and the American Colonies), 22 The Collection of Coins of the East India Company and British Imperial India formed by the Right Honourable Sir John Wheeler, JP, DL), 25 (The Ken Wiggins Collection of Coins of the Indian Princely States and the East India Company), 35 (u. a. The François van Hoof Collection of Russian Coins, The Robert G. I. White Collection of Medals relating to Balooning, The Charles Walker Collection of Medals of the Napoleonic Period) 64 (The Michael Hall Collection: Medallic Portraits from the Renaissance to the Ninteenth Century), 66 (The Michael Hall Collection Part II) und 67 (The Michael Hall Collection Part III), 90 (u. a. The David Sellwood Collection of Parthian Coins Part I). Dazu: BALDWIN & SONS, DMITRY MARKOV, M & M NUMISMATICS. Kataloge der Auktionen The New York Sale aus den Jahren 2010, 2014 und 2016, enthaltend die Nrn.: 24 (Russian Coins, Orders and Medals), 33 (Russian Coins, Orders and Medals) und 37 (u. a. The Sunrise Collection of Parthian, Persian and Sasanian Coins, The Alexander White II Collection of Byzantine & Medieval Coins). MORTON & EDEN, London. Kataloge von Auktionen der Jahre 2003-2013, umfassend folgende Nrn.: 3, 4 (Important Collection of British historical Medals), 12 (Important Renaissance Medals and Plaquettes from the Estate of John R. Gaines), 15 (Important Renaissance Medals and Plaquettes from the Estate of John R. Gaines. Part II), 20, 27 (u. a. (Renaissance and Other Medals and Plaquettes), 31 (u. a. Renaissance and Later Medals from the Collection of Dr. Charles Avery and Byzantine Coins froim the Estate of Carroll F. Wales [Part I]), 34 (The Russian Sale: Medals, Orders, Badges and Coins), 58 (The Huntington Collection: Portugese and Portugese Colonial Coins) und 61 (The Huntington Collection: Spanish Colonial Coins). Orig.-Broschuren. (22)