We present the Collection of a Connoisseur

20. Januar 2022 13:36

Although a coin has to fetch a six-digit result to make headlines in the daily press these days, the following statement still holds true: you do not need a lot of money to take pleasure in collecting coins. Künker’s eLive Premium Auction 360 proves it. Estimates for highly interesting coins of perfect quality start at only 10 euros. Especially lovers of interesting fractional coins of the 18th and 19th centuries will find what they are looking for in this auction, even though there are obviously a lot of other treasures among the wide offer. It ranges from perfectly preserved coins from the Middle Ages to interesting talers and fractional pieces of the Holy Roman Empire to coins of the German Empire.

Medieval Coins from Europe

The auction starts with an interesting offer of medieval coins from Europe. The very first lot is extremely rare: a denarius by Pepin the Short, minted between 752 and 768 in Saint-Cirgues de Clermont-Ferrand. Via coins of Charlemagne, Edward the Confessor and the Hohenstaufen Emperor Frederick II, we move on to German bracteates with a focus on the area of Lake Constance, although iconic issues from Brandenburg, Halberstadt or Quedlinburg may obviously not be omitted either.

Nr. 1001: Karolinger. Pippin der Kurze, 752-768. Denar, Saint-Cirgues de Clermont-Ferrand. Äußerst selten. Gutes sehr schön. Taxe: 5.000,- Euro

Nr. 1047: Brandenburg. Albrecht der Bär, 1134-1157. Brakteat. Sehr selten. Vorzüglich. Taxe: 1.500,- Euro

Nr. 1086: Überlingen. Brakteat, 1230-1250. Selten. Gutes vorzüglich. Taxe: 500,- Euro

European Coins and Medals

Some very few European coins and medals are on offer too. Particularly interesting are the talers of the Holy Roman Empire and of the Austrian princes, some of them with exceptional patinas.


Nr. 1100: Rudolf II. Doppelter Reichstaler 1604, Hall. Vorzüglich. Taxe: 1.000.- Euro

German States

With lot No. 1146 we have already arrived at the section of the German States, the main focus of this collection. No matter which field you are interested in – you will find fascinating objects among the more than 700 lots. Geographic focal points were laid on Baden, Bavaria, Brandenburg-Prussia, Brunswick, Saxony and cities in Southern Germany such as Augsburg, Nuremberg and Regensburg.

Particularly interesting is the abundance of small change in silver and bronze, all of which were gathered by the collector in perfect quality. But there is also a rich and interesting offer for lovers of taler-sized pieces with many coins that were issued for special occasions.

Browsing through the catalog, you will see with how much love and care the collector chose the pieces. Each and every one stands out – either due to its rarity, its historical importance or its beautiful patina. However, they have one thing in common: their perfect quality, showcasing the entire beauty of the engravings – even on the smallest coins.

The selection of pieces presented in this preview is subjective. However, we can say objectively: every coin in this collection will be a gain for the new collection it will become part of.

Nr. 1158: Augsburg. Doppelter Reichstaler 1740. Sehr selten. Fast Stempelglanz. Taxe: 3.000,- Euro

Nr. 1383: Hannover. Georg V., 1851-1866. 1/6 Taler 1859. Fast Stempelglanz. Taxe: 50,- Euro

Nr. 1407: Frankfurt. Kreuzer 1773. Fast Stempelglanz. Taxe: 20,- Euro

Nr. 1487: Königsegg-Rothenfels. Franz Hugo, 1737-1771, und seine Brüder. Reichstaler 1759. Fast Stempelglanz. Taxe: 4.000,- Euro

Nr. 1540: Nürnberg. Reichstaler 1711. Sehr selten. Fast Stempelglanz (prooflike). Taxe: 6.000,- Euro

Nr. 1603: Reuss-Schleiz. Ku-Pfennig 1847. Fast Stempelglanz. Taxe: 100,- Euro

Nr. 1688: Sachsen-Saalfeld. Johann Ernst VIII. Reichstaler 1727, Saalfeld. Sehr selten. Fast Stempelglanz. Taxe: 6.000,- Euro

Nr. 1743: Schleswig-Holstein. Statthalterschaft, 1848-1851. Ku-Sechsling 1850, Altona. Vorzüglich bis Stempelglanz. Taxe: 30,- Euro

Nr. 1800: Württemberg. Karl. Doppelter Reichstaler 1869. Herrliche Patina. Polierte Platte. Taxe: 1.500,- Euro

Nr. 1843: Hamburg. 3 Mark 1909. Polierte Platte. Taxe: 200,- Euro

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