Visual Material on Coins and Medals for Your Publication

Here you will find a selection of visual material assembled especially for use in print- and online publications.

You may use the images in this archive for your publication under the conditions indicated below. If you should require special visual material for an article or publication, e.g., particular coins from a catalogue, we will be happy to assist you further in finding the appropriate visual material at any time.

In such cases please contact:

Inja MacClure
Public Relations
Tel: +49 541 96202 801
E-Mail: Inja.MacClure@kuenker.de

Please note the following stipulations for use of the material:
  • Please give the reason for the publication.
  • For publication of the images in the internet and in print media please place our internet address: www.kuenker.de in the immediate vicinity of the images (e.g., as a caption).
  • For use in the body of a website, please create a link to our website www.kuenker.de, or to www.elive-auction.de.
  • In case of publication of more than 25 images, consultation and permission are necessary.
  • Should the images be published, please send us a copy of, or a web link to, the publication.
  • Use of coin images from the Künker Company for commercial purposes is not permitted.
  • Please give credit for the image copyrights in an easily visible position (e.g., masthead).