Наши сессии 1000 Coins of Reformation and Protestantism - The Dr Rainer Opitz Collection, part 3

03. - 04. июль 2019

Dear Bidders and Coin Enthusiasts,

With this eLive Premium Auction, the third part of the Dr. Rainer Opitz Collection -- featuring 1,000 lot numbers -- will be auctioned. 

In addition to the auction of Dr. Rainer Opitz's collection, an inventory catalogue of the entire object has been created, which is to be published in early summer 2019. Accordingly, the catalogue of the Opitz Collection is structured based on the same scheme: The personal medals, beginning with those depicting Martin Luther and then continued alphabetically, are followed by the event medals. Finally, there are some miscellaneous medals as well as a few badges, pendants etc. and the supplements.

In the present eLive catalogue, this inventory catalogue was used as the sole citation work. Since each item, including those in the lots, is depicted individually, a description of the individual pieces was omitted. The conditions, evaluations and rarities have been developed by Mr. Dirk Löbbers of Wettringen. In individual cases, the occasions on which individual medals were minted are named. The structure of the catalogue corresponds to the standard numismatic sorting: Almost 200 pieces from other European countries and the Habsburg hereditary lands/Austria are followed by around 540 Old German coins and medals with larger series from Augsburg, Brandenburg-Prussia, Hamburg, Nuremberg and Saxony, among others. In addition, almost 250 medals will be auctioned, of which about 140 are personal medals of Martin Luther. Among the Luther medals, the series of objects created by Anna Franziska Schwarzbach deserves special mention. The Berlin artist created the Martin Luther Medal of the German Lutheran Church in 2008. The auction is rounded off by a few coins from the German Empire and coins of the GDR.

The coins and medals are ordered chronologically. Undated pieces are placed among the dated ones as sensibly as possible. If several pieces from one year are available, the quotation from the Opitz Collection has been used as the decisive criterion for sorting.

Best Wishes,
The Künker Team

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