Künker Representation in Constance: Emphasis on Phaleristics

Michael Autengruber

In Constance we have no actual branch office – but you will find there one of our company’s most important representatives: Michael Autengruber deals in medals and badges of honor, works as a specialist in phaleristics and operates his own specialist book publishing house.

As one of the experts of the Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH & Co. KG, he is responsible for all matters related to medals. When the time comes each year for a Künker auction to be fully dedicated to these decorative and valuable awards, then you may be sure that the preparations were made in Constance -- from the highly competent expert appraisal of all medals and badges of honor, to the conscientious scientific description and appraisal of the auction lots.

We ask that, after previous consultation with Herr Autengruber, you send your consignment items for the medals auctions to our headquarters in Osnabrück.

Künker Constance
c/o Phaleristischer Verlag Michael Autengruber
Schulthaißstraße 10
78462 Konstanz
Telephone: +49 7531 28290 59
Fax: +49 7531 2844 70
e-mail: konstanz@kuenker.de
Internet: www.orden-der-welt.de

Your contact person: Michael Autengruber
Languages spoken: English, French, Italian, Spanish