AR, tetradrachm, 53/52 BC, ANTIOCHIA

Collection Dr. W. R. - From the Civil Wars of the Late Roman Republic to the Beginnings of the Roman Empire

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Номер лота 1069

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AR, tetradrachm, 53/52 BC, ANTIOCHIA, Prokonsul C. Cassius, in the name and types of the Seleucid king Philippos I. Philadelphos,

25 mm, 15.23 g.

Diademed head of Philippos r.//[BA]ΣIΛEΩ[Σ] /[Φ]IΛIΠΠΟV – [E]ΠIΦΑΝΟV[Σ] / [ΦI]ΛAΔEΛ[ΦΟV], Zeus Nikephorus enthroned l. thunderbold under throne, monogram Γ KAC of Cassius to lower inner left, all within laurel wreath.

Bellinger, A. R.: Crassus and Cassius at Antioch, NC 1944, Pl. VII, 2 f.; Hoover 1358; Houghton/Lorber/Hoover 2489.3; McAlee 3; Prieur 3 (citing 12); RPC 4126.

R Very fine

Ex Collection Prof. Dr. Hagen Tronnier, Künker 94, Osnabrück 2004, lot 1438.