AR, tetradrachm, year 24 of the Caesarean Era (=26/25 BC), ANTIOCHIA

Collection Dr. W. R. - From the Civil Wars of the Late Roman Republic to the Beginnings of the Roman Empire

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Номер лота 1074

Оценочная цена: 150.00 €
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AR, tetradrachm, year 24 of the Caesarean Era (=26/25 BC), ANTIOCHIA, Proconsul M. Tullius Cicero Minor, in the name and types of the Seleucid king Philippos I Philadelphos,

26 mm, 14.88 g.

Diademed head of Philippos r.//[B]AΣIΛE[ΩΣ] / ΦIΛIΠΠΟ[V] – EΠIΦΑΝΟΥ[Σ] / [ΦIΛ]AΔE[ΛΦΟΥ], Zeus Nikephorus enthroned l. monogram below throne, city monogram ANT to lower inner left, in exergue thunderbold and (= year 24), all within laurel wreath. 

Hoover 1360 n; Houghton/Lorber/Hoover 2491.14; McAlee 17; Prieur 17; RPC 4140.

Slightly corroded, good very fine

Ex Collection John L. Cowan (purchased from Aeternitas Numismatics, Madrid), ex CNG Electronic Auction 469, Lancaster 2020, lot 236.