Æ, 57-54 BC, MARISA

Collection Dr. W. R. - From the Civil Wars of the Late Roman Republic to the Beginnings of the Roman Empire

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Номер лота 1086

Оценочная цена: 500.00 €
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Æ, 57-54 BC, MARISA, Proconsul Aulus Gabinius (ca. 57/56 BC),

19 mm, 6.71 g.

Helmeted head of Athena r.//ΓΑ MA, Palm frond with serpent entwined, L Γ (= year 3) to left.

DCA 584; Gitler, H./Kushnir-Stein, A.: A New Date on Coins of Marisa in Idumaea and its Historical Implications, SNR 83, 2004, 87-95, Pl 12.6.

R Good very fine

Ex Collection Patrick H. C. Tan, CNG 90, Lancaster 2012, lot 1232.