Current auction catalogs

We have, as usual, created our catalogues with care and attention to detail. These high standards, which you as a customer have come to appreciate, come to you courtesy of our team of numismatic experts, who benefit from decades of experience in the field of coins, medals, orders and decorations. Tha Künker catalogues are not only a great way to document a collection, but they are also a great source of information today as well as many years from now.

You are able to download our upcumming catalogues or you can read them directly on the internet

If you would like to recieve a printed version of one of our catalogues, or if you have any questions surrounding our auctions, we are more than happy to assist you via telephone, eMail, Fax or written letter.

Auction calendar

23. - 24. June 2023

eLive Premium Auction 389 - 390 | www.eLive-Auction.de


10. - 14. July 2023

eLive Auction 78 | www.eLive-Auction.de


16. - 20. October 2023

eLive Auction 79 | www.eLive-Auction.de


04. - 08. December 2023

eLive Auction 80 | www.eLive-Auction.de