AR, Cistophoric tetradrachm, 57/56 BC, APAMEIA

Collection Dr. W. R. - From the Civil Wars of the Late Roman Republic to the Beginnings of the Roman Empire

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Losnummer 1046

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AR, Cistophoric tetradrachm, 57/56 BC, APAMEIA, P. Cornelius P. f. Lentulus Spinther Imperator and the local magistrate Myiskos,

27 mm, 12.33 g.

Cista Mystica within ivy wreath with corymbas// P · LENTVLVS - P F / IMPERATOR/AΠA / ΜΥΙΣΚΟΥ, two serpents standing by decorated bow case, double flute (Aulos) right.

BMC 27; Metcalf 417 ff.; Stumpf 74.

Extremely rare. Insignificant scratch on the obverse, extremely fine

Ex private Swiss collection, Roma Numismatics E-Sale 59, London 2019, lot 597.