Your Disbursement Following the Coin Auction

Teaser Ihre Auszahlung

A reliable and conscientiously-administered pay-out process following the sale or the auction is a top priority for us. Take advantage of our assorted options to claim payment of your proceeds or your acquisition from us.

In cases of purchase, pay-out follows delivery of the goods. With auctions (e.g., of coins) we pay within 45 days of the end of the auction.

Pay-out Options

Bank Transfer
We will transfer for you as rapidly as possible your proceeds from the coin auction, to the desired account.

At our main location in Osnabrück we will gladly issue to you a check for the amount of your proceeds.

Cash Payment
You may claim payment of your funds from us directly in cash. This is possible at many different locations: at our main location in Osnabrück, in one of our branches or representative offices, at a number of different coin fairs where we are represented, or at one of our “Expert Day” events.

Of course, you may offset your proceeds from the cost of a newly-purchased item with us.