Künker Numismatik AG - Löwengrube, Munich

Dr Hubert Ruß
Muenchner Dom

Künker Numismatik AG is your coin dealership for the sale of coins in Munich

“Künker am Dom” (“Künker by the Cathedral”) is the affectionate term of Munich coin collectors for Künker Numismatik AG, which evolved from the numismatic division of Hauck & Aufhäuser Private Bankers and the Banking House H. Aufhäuser. Beginning in1979, this contact point became available to anyone seeking competent consultation and advisement on coins and medals in Munich. Since September 1st, 2010 Dr. Hubert Russ and his team have served Munich coin collectors as representatives of Künker.

At Löwengrube 12 you will find an impressive array of wares. You can also make consignments for all Künker auctions or sell your coins directly. And by the way: Dr. Russ is licensed and sworn as an expert by the IHK München.

Künker Numismatik AG
Löwengrube 12
80333 München
Telephone: +49 89 552 784 90
Fax: +49 89 552 784 922
e-mail: service@kuenker-numismatik.de
Internet: www.kuenker-numismatik.de

Your contact persons: Herr Dr. Hubert Ruß, Katharina Banzer, Veronika Schwab, Herr Eugen Voronin, Herr Alois Wenninger
Languages spoken: German, English, French, Russian