Künker Coin Dealership in Vienna

Petr Kovaljov

In the Austrian capital, ideally situated near Mariahilferstraße in downtown Vienna, our new representatives at the company Numfil GmbH can be found under the management of Petr Kovaljov.
Herr Kovaljov will be happy to answer all questions regarding upcoming coin auctions, accepts consignments of coins, paper money and medals for Künker Auctions, and can represent you at international auctions.
In Vienna we specialize in the following subjects and collection areas: The Ancient World, The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, The Austrian Empire, The Ecclesiastical Principalities in the Habsburg Patrimonial Lands, Austrian Mediatized Princes, Wallenstein, Bohemia, Eastern Europe (especially Russia), China, paper money, and medals and badges of honor.

You are invited to make an appointment, so that Herr Kovaljov can dedicate the necessary time and careful consideration to your concerns.

Künker Vienna

c/o Numfil GmbH
Seidengasse 16/3
1070 Vienna, Austria
Telephone: +43 676 4838 733
E-Mail: kuenker@numfil.com
Internet: www.numfil.at

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Sprachen: Czech, German, English, Russian.