Liebespaar. Bronzemedaille 2003


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Bronzemedaille 2003, von Matthew Holland. "The Promise", Medal 43 der British Art Medal Society. Junges Liebespaar, darunter die Signatur HOLLAND//Dasselbe Liebespaar altgeworden. 75,07 mm; 144,49 g.

R Mattiert. Fast prägefrisch

Exemplar der Auktion Rauch 110, Wien 2020, Nr. 574.

Hinter dieser Medaille stehen persönliche Erfahrungen des Künstlers, die er selber beschrieben hat: "The title of the medal is The Promise and it’s something that could be given to a loved one. The obverse shows young nubile lovers whilst the reverse shows the same people grown old and wrinkly. This medal is a celebration of growing old together. It can be summed up by the words, "Life is strange, but whatever the change, the fact remains, I love you." During the last few years of a fifteen-year marriage, I thought increasingly of the promise we had given each other – to live together for ever. I became more aware that we were growing apart and wanted different things in our lives. At this time I made some sketches for a Promise medal. In 2001 my wife and I separated, leaving us and our two sons sad, bewildered and asking deep questions of ourselves. We are now divorced. I was aware of the irony of the Promise medal but wanted to continue with it. I now have a new partner, and we are considering the implications and validity of giving each other this promise."; vgl. https://bams.org.uk/product/the-promise/